For years, the ServInt Customer Forums have been a great tool for those new to VPS and Dedicated Servers to get answers to questions that are sometimes outside the scope of what our Managed Services Team can reasonably support. In fact, many forum members with intricate knowledge of obscure 3rd party software have even helped our staff troubleshoot issues. Today we’re proud to introduce a new policy to reward the most impressive and helpful forum members for all of their generous help and insight. Each month, we will ask all of you to submit the names of the most helpful and most appreciated members on the ServInt Customer Forums. After we accumulate the total, we will create a poll allowing everyone in the community to vote for whoever they feel is the “Most Valuable Poster” or “MVP”. The member with the most votes at the end of each month will receive a $200 Amazon gift card, or a prize of similar value, as a token of our appreciation for all their hard work. This program starts immediately and will run every month for the foreseeable future in order to further reward those who volunteer their time and expertise to helping others in the forums. This community has always gone out of its way to help those who are in need. We are a community of tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and geeks. We welcome all newcomers into our family, and for more than 15 years ServInt has become a better company for it. Thank you all, and good luck! Please send any nominations, questions, or concerns about our new forum policy to