Dear xxx,

Part of us regrets to inform you that on July 1st, 2009, FrontPage extensions will no longer be supported on our servers. This is the same part of us that feels terribly about the extra effort it may take to rework your site (should you require FrontPage extensions) and about any ensuing frustration that this change may cause.

The other part of us is relieved! We are one of the last hosts to continue holding on to FrontPage, but like any relic of the past, it simply looks better on a shelf than it does on a server.

Book Shelf

To put things into perspective, Microsoft discontinued FrontPage in late 2006 and we will be discontinuing it in late 2009.

Even though we will no longer be supporting FrontPage, you may still use it to design your web pages. What will no longer work are any components that require extensions associated with FrontPage (counters, forms, etc.). You can find a list of the affected extensions components here:

We sincerely apologize if you are among the few that will be adversely affected by this change. Please accept our regards and consider looking into KompoZer, which is available at or any of the FrontPage alternatives suggested here:

For those using features dependent on FrontPage extensions, some alternatives are discussed here:

This article is not recent, but the information is still highly relevant.

If you have extensions that will be affected by this change and are still unsure about how to proceed, please let us know so that we can help. We will have more information available for you soon about what you can do to make sure that you are prepared for the big day.

We hope to continue introducing improvements to our hosting platform and will continue to keep you informed. As we groom our data center to best serve you, it may sometimes mean combing out those components that are outdated and compromise stability, security and the sanity of our system administrators.
Thank you for hosting with us!